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Qolsys IQ Panel 4

The award winning IQ Panel is a 7-inch, high definition touchscreen with built-in 5MP camera and multiple wireless radios in a clean, elegant, modern user interface. The IQ Panel keeps you connected to an entire ecosystem of smart home technology, giving you control over your entire house at your fingertips. Exciting new features like touchless disarming using Bluetooth and a built in glass break detector are enabled through powerful software that improves over time through regular software updates. When you choose ProTECHt as your home security provider, you can rest easy knowing you have access to the best safe home technology in the industry. Get in touch to learn more about our smart home security plans.

Smash and Crash Technology

Included with Every Smart Stystem Installation

The safest home security systems use smart Crash and Smash technology. The moment an intruder triggers an alarm sensor (door, window, motion, etc…), a signal is sent and is ready to sound the alarm with the monitoring station. If no pass code from the home owner is received, that alarm is sent, and the proper authorities are notified – and dispatched. Alarm systems with Smash and Crash technology are virtually impossible to defeat, and keeps you one step ahead of any intruder.

New Security Alarm System with FREE Activation

Need a New System?

Looking for a new home security system, look no further. ProTECHt offers you the best equipment at the lowest possible cost. You don’t need to worry about the upfront cost for the equipment or doing it yourself. All of our new systems and camera packages come with FREE activation, and on-site training. Call ProTECHt today and create a customized package. You can get it tailored to fit your lifestyle.

Existing System Activationa & Upgrades Available

Have an Existing System?

Already have a system and looking to switch companies or add professional alarm monitoring? We can do that. Qualified systems can be monitored starting at around $1/day by our five star rated monitoring station. We are also able to upgrade existing systems with Smart Home capabilities. Users can control everything from the front door to the garage door, all from a smartphone or tablet. Give us a call to get started.

Monitoring rates starting at around: $1/Day*

Activate, Upgrade or Build Your Alarm System

At ProTECHt, we have a variety of different security systems for you to customize to fit your needs. Since every home is unique, we try to offer security systems that will protect every situation. Other than our basic equipment packages, you can add on smart home devices that we offer. Take advantage of technology and make your home safe and full of convenience. Our equipment is commercial-grade and made to be dependable and durable. When it comes to your home and keeping your loved one’s safe, don’t cut corners. Look to us at ProTECHT to cover you in safety, inside and out.

Use Your System With Ease

One APP Controls Everything

Use your smartphone (or any other mobile device) to have more control over the safe home technology in your house.

Smart Home Security Sensors

Smart Devices & Extras

We offer a number of different smart security sensors with all of our smart security systems. ProTECHt offers the latest in-home security technology including the most advanced security sensors. These security devices secure your home easily and conveniently. You can be safe knowing you’re the most secure home on the block! ProTECHt Smart Systems offers a wide variety of smart security sensors which can be viewed below.

Slim Line Door or Window Sensor

The Thin Door/Window Contact is designed for use on doors, windows, and other objects that open and close. It communicates with the home security control panel using a wireless frequency. When the magnet (which is mounted near the sensor) moves away from or closer to the door contact’s sensor, signals are transmitted to the control panel and alerts you.

Recessed Door Sensor

Recessed Door Contact is the home security industry’s most flexible supervised door contact. It communicates with the Control Panel using a wireless frequency. It also allows a multitude of applications while hiding the transmitter within a door or window frame so you are always aware when your doors or windows are opened.

Door or Window Shock Sensor

A shock sensor alerts you when there are vibrations of someone breaking down your door or a window. The door and window contacts only alert you if there is something that opens. The shock sensor goes a step further and detects forced entry.

Motion Detector

The Passive Infrared Motion Detector is a wall-mounted unit with wide-angle motion protection. It communicates with the control panel of your home security system using a wireless frequency. When set to High (HI) Sensitivity Mode, the PIR has a maximum range of 30 ft deep x 50 ft wide. The PIR’s pet-immune feature can be set to tolerate animals up 55 pounds so Fido or a curious cat doesn’t set off you home alarm system.

Glass Break Sensor

The Glass Break Detector is a fully-supervised, tamper-protected, ceiling- or wall-mounted unit. It communicates with the Control Panel of your smart home security system using a wireless frequency. The detector provides a 15 ft maximum detection range, 360° maximum horizontal sensing angle, and dual-stage glass break detection to alert you if an intruder attempts to break into your home through a glass window or door.

Emergency Panic Button

Get a panic button for those with health problems who may need immediate assistance at unexpected moments. Simply holding the button will call an ambulance to the home, going above and beyond your average home security system. Can also be used as a panic button to dispatch police to the property.

Smart Home Security Systems

Hands-Free with Voice Control

Amazon Echo & Google Home makes it easier than ever to control your smart home technology with the hands-free convenience of voice commands.

Want to check the arming status of your smart home security system, change the temperature on your smart thermostat, or turn your living room light off? Just ask via Alexa, the Echo’s voice-controlled assistant or Google Homes voice-controlled assistant. And, with a single voice command, you can control all of your smart home security devices at once. Contact ProTECHt to learn more!

Smart Home Enviromental Sensors

Avoid Unexpected Disasters

Receive notifications for problems that require immediate action such as: leaks, smoke, carbon monoxide, and changes in temperature. This ensures you are aware of what is happening in your home even while at work or on vacation.

Flood or Freeze Sensor

This sensor is a fully supervised, tamper-protected one-way frequency sensor. It will monitor the ambient temperature and will detect a wet/dry flood condition. The sensor reports wet/dry conditions and temperature to the panel, and sends notifications to your smartphone if something is out of the ordinary.

Smart Home Security Systems

Smoke Detector

Not your average smoke detector, the photo-electronic sensor also detects a rise in heat temperature up to 135°F. When triggered, it will notify the monitoring center and fire department if needed, as well as your preferred contacts. This piece of technology ensures that your smart home security system can detect anything that may harm your home, including fires.

Smart Home Security Systems

Carbon Monoxide Detector

The Wireless Carbon Monoxide Alarm is a 3V battery-powered wireless carbon monoxide detector intended for use with wireless alarm systems. The smart CO2 detector consists of an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor assembly coupled to a wireless transmitter. The Wireless Carbon Monoxide Alarm communicates with the Control Panel of your smart home security program and can send an alarm, tamper, and battery condition messages to the system’s control panel.

Smart Home Security Systems

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